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Daily Delivery Menu

This is the menu for your delivery order today.  These are handmade fresh every day.  We use the freshest fish from Japan, and we hope you enjoy it.  Thank you for your order.

We deliver Thursday to Sunday between 4 pm to 6 pm.  We cannot take orders after 1 pm on the day of delivery.


Oh Toro

This is Oh Toro, fatty tuna, from a 562 lb tuna.  Please enjoy it with a little bit of wasabi and soy sauce.


Chu Toro

This is Toro, lean tuna, which is near the spine of the fish.  It is a lean cut but with amazing flavor.  Please enjoy with a little wasabi and soy sauce.


Yellowtail Tuna

This Yellowtail tuna has a delightful taste, not fatty. We recommend it with a little soy sauce only. 



This is ocean trout, not salmon.  Yoji chooses this fish because it is from the deep ocean, so it has a clean flavor, and it has never been frozen.  We recommend using very little soy sauce with it.


White Fish

This white fish came from the eastern side of Japan.  It has a light smooth taste to it.  We recommend it with a little wasabi and soy sauce.



One of Yoji's favorite.  Mackerel must be really fresh, and this mackerel was fresh from the eastern side of Japan.  Yoji smoked it with some cherry blossom wood to give it an extra flavor.  Please enjoy as is without wasabi or soy sauce.

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